Trained in the following:    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Life Star Pornography Treatment Gottman Couple's Therapy Connections Therapy Rational Hypnotherapy ‚ÄčEmotional Freedom Technique Self-Psychology Stress Management Clinical Hypnosis Emotionally Focused Therapy   
Profession Highlights and Memberships: Member of Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists Trained in Lifespan Integration, a gentle, body-based therapeutic method which heals trauma without re-traumatizing Member of National Association of Social Workers
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Presenter at BYU Education Week Provide counseling services to both In-field and Early Release LDS Missionaries Co-facilitate Early Release Groups for LDS Missionaries Co-facilitate Stress Management Groups for LDS Missionaries Adoption Worker specializing in Adoptive and Infertility

Katrina Appiah

managing director

I believe that within each of us lies a powerful, resilient human spirit that has the capacity to thrive - regardless of one's life circumstances.   Hope and healing occur as we learn to embrace our unique gifts, develop self compassion, increase self awareness and implement coping skills into one's daily life.  A person flourishes as they learn to approach life in authentic ways while being true to their true identity.  I am passionate about my work because I believe that we all have the capacity to excel and find joy in the journey of life.    
Specialties: Adult Therapy, Early Release Missionaries, Trauma and Abuse, Women's Issues, Body Image, Anxiety, Depression, Pre-mission assessments, Pornography Addiction, Grief and Loss, LDS Therapy, Infertility, Attachment Issues, Post Traumatic Stress