Appiah consulting team (ACT) International solutions

ACT International has a well-developed mix of contacts and leaders in the three segment areas noted above. These services are designed to afford governments and businesses much-needed funds and information allowing for effective delivery of high performance and growth opportunities.  Included in ACT International’s innovative service offerings are the abilities to:      Connect Businesses to Governments          Connect Businesses to Businesses
         Connect Governments to Governments Provide growth Opportunities through Outsourcing Provide Management Consultancy Management Team The management team has nearly 60 years of combined experience in management consulting, product management, program management, marketing, sales, vendor management, trade shows, systems engineering in the multi-billion dollar telecommunications industry in Chicago area and Tokyo Japan, as well as, building and selling companies, and consulting with the major financial powerhouses in the New York City area, Salt Lake City and Austin Texas. The combined team has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa and United States of America, with broad sense of positioning products for sustainable growth with sound business model coupled with strong leadership.

Effective Negotiation In African Markets

katrina M. Appiah

Managing Director

MSW, LCSW, BSc. Hon Family Science

thomas k. Appiah


Mba, mem, BSc. ee

Thomas K. Appiah iii

VP - student relations



CPA, MAcc, Bs Accounting